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It's a Long Drive to Save the Earth

It's a Long Drive to Save the Earth

26 November, 2001

Indian Environmentalists T. Srinivasa Rao and R. Gnanasekaran are in Australia on a world tour to raise environmental awareness and in particular, to lobby for the signing of the Kyoto protocol.

The duo have embarked on their international oddessey in a trusty Maruti-Suzuki Gypsy King (known in Australia as a Suzuki Sierra) with a frugal 1.3 litre engine.

Since leaving Delhi in March, Rao and Gnanasekaran have clocked up 25,000 kilometres and expect to cover at least 100,000 kilometres before their journey ends at the United Nations in April of 2003.

In Melbourne to discuss environmental issues, the pair will address school children and share an audience with the Victorian Premier Mr Steve Bracks and Melbourne Lord Mayor John So, before visiting Prime Minister Howard in Canberra.

Both engineers, Rao and Gnanasekaran have campaigned for a sustainable world environment since 1986, when they first cycled 65,000 kilometres around the globe promoting nuclear disarmament.

Since then, the pair have completed a further two world tours, a 200,000 kilometre expedition in an early model Gypsy, and the third in a Maruti-Suzuki Zen.

Detailed information about Rao, Gnanasekaran and their environmental efforts can be found on their website:


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